Covid 19 : We take care of your health


Coronavirus Informations


In order to ensure the good health of everyone and to give you the best possible welcome at the Chatillon Montparnasse hotel, we offer a PCR test service, carried out by a nurse at the hotel. You can contact the reception desk for any additional information or reservation request.


We will do our utmost to continue to welcome you!

Commons areas

  • Guests wear masks and their temperature is taken upon arrival at the hotel.
  • A non-contact disinfection area is provided at the entrance of the hotel.
  • All contact areas are disinfected every hour.
  • A marking on the floor allows us to guarantee the rules of physical distancing.
  • The common sanitary facilities are disinfected and equipped with soap and hydro-alcoholic gel.

Exclusive access to your room

  • Our teams are trained in the rules of hygiene and are equipped with masks, gloves and disinfection products.
  • Gloves and household products (vacuum cleaners, baskets etc.) are disinfected before entering the room.
  • After cleaning the room, the hotel's housekeeper disinfects all points of contact with a machine containing an ozone disinfection device.
  • In order to respect the barrier gestures and to minimize the points of contact, we have rearranged the equipment in the rooms.
  • We adapt the number of linens to the occupancy announced at the time of reservation

Catering service and Bar

  • All goods are disinfected before each delivery and storage. No fresh product will come into contact with a non-disinfected surface.
  • Hygiene rules are applied to every service!


We look forward to seeing you again!

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